More Testimonials

Tami B.

Kim Mcintire has changed my life. I had multiple sessions with him two years ago. I then brought my teenage daughter that I was having a tense time with, she also went to multiple sessions. The healing he knows to do (and shows you how to do) helps release counterproductive emotions. His work has taught me to breathe, to be present and balanced when I do the work. It’s healing that helps to be happy and laugh and be satisfied. It’s such a nice alternative to holding onto stress and being sick. 

​Tammy B.


"It was good to have you on the ski hill with me to get my body lined up when we were waiting for the lift. When you said to release in my toes and untighten my jaw, really helped me focus. I felt more relaxed and back into better position to ski with good form. I have been off my skis for 22 years and it was fun to get back on and feel so good doing it. You helped me think about being grounded and relax. If I were on my snowboard it would have been fast and less focus on form. I did some tapping this morning and during some down time on the hill. Breathing and grounding myself. What a good day even though the snow we were promised didn't show up, I took it as a good day to focus, listen and feel. My legs were burning in my quads but after your adjustment and words I released and felt like I was floating down the mountain rather than gripping into it for dear life. Lol”


Not sure if you remember me but you have had a Huge impact on helping me finding my inner peace. I hope I can come to one of your workshops. Thank you !!


    ​"This workshop was an eye opener for me to realize just how much power we have with our own energy systems. It was like connecting the dots or putting together a puzzle and having that Ah-ha Moment; suddenly things make total sense and you find clarity in the moment.
     Kim has an easy approach in his teaching and gives you simple tools and practices for healing the body, mind and spirit, and keeping that strong connection to our relationship with all of the elements of nature AND our authentic self. 3 hours of overview and practice with muscle testing, learning about the 7 Chakras, the 5 Elements, the Meridians and acknowledging your Inner Child. I am sooo looking forward to an expansion of this workshop. One Big Hug to you Kim McIntire". THANK YOU!


Kim's services, I would see a chiropractor and massage therapist month to try and alleviate my pain symptoms but they just kept coming back.  I did a full series with him and the difference that I felt was truly amazing.  I was pain free for the first time in many, many years.  He taught me how to connect with my body, connect with my core and to help me help my body function properly as it should.  

After my series was complete, I saw him on an as needed basis which sometimes was every 4-6 months.  I saw him during my last pregnancy and it was life changing.  The aches and pains of pregnancy and working were no more.  I saw him the in the final week that my daughter was due.  He ended up releasing my abdominals which were bothering me during the last part of my pregnancy.  My daughter was born that night.  

I continue to see him as needed and both my children see him as well.  They are four and two.  Now when my 4 year old feels "off," he asks to go see Kim and we happily take him.  I would highly recommend his services for people, children or animals.  


Kim is an incredible healer.  He has helped me to sort through all sorts of different ailments and injuries over the past couple of years.  He gets right to the heart of the problem versus fixing the symptoms that occur becuase of the problem.  I appreciate his knowledge, time and energy that Kim puts into each appointment.  I went in after a skiing accident once and he healed my neck in one visit!  It was incredible.  I live in Reno and make the drive down to Minden because the visit is THAT worth it!