Children (2-12 years old)

Children have pain too.

    Children are born, grow, play, crash, eat junk and have to deal with emotions just like adults. And just like adults they will learn to compensate around an ache or pain in order to "get the job done" whatever that may be. They will play for hours with a headache or pain without thinking twice. But as these compensations continue multiplying you may find yourself with a child who will not listen, is super sensitive or constantly sick or injured.

   The great thing about kids is while they do compensate that have not compensated for that long (most of them) so change for the good is much easier then with adults. Kim will work with your child at their level talking about things that they like or understand so they will accept the work. We have fun and you will have a happier child.

Child (2-12 years old) session $70 1/2 hour / $60 cash  0-2 years old free

Feel free to bring your childs' favorite toy or stuffed animal for their comfort.